About Andra

I'm a 20 year old business owner/tailor for my company, Andra's Finds. I partner with the local Ever After Bridal and Formal Wear stores to provide one-on-one specialized service with their clients. Although I specials in formal wear I can do just about anything I set my mind to! Even if I haven't tried it before, I'm always excited to give new things a go! During the Spring season I often take a break from blogging as my business gets flooded with prom and wedding dress alterations, but the rest of the year I love to share my thoughts and some advice. 

As a kid I was always told to dream big and to take risks, so after I graduated at the age of 17, I went straight into the work force to find my calling! Not long after I found a local tailor who was willing to take me on and at the age of 19 I opened my own business and worked out a deal with the local stores, Ever After. Now, I'm living the dream, deciding my own hours. Setting my own work schedule and load. 

My business is all about learning and sharing things I've learned! In my few years working towards owning my own business I've found a lot of tips and tricks that I'd love to share with you!

Come and see what I've found!

Andra E. Kramer