Who's Andra?

Ever thought you knew exactly where you were going? Once your feet started, you started to focus so much on each single step that when you finally looked up, you weren't where you expected to be? Your feet are still on the path, but the destination wasn't quite what you expected? That's a little allegory for my own journey.

Since I was a little girl, I've always dreamt of owning a small business. First I wanted a candy story, later a coffee shop, still further down the road a boutique! As I walked in faith, I focused on the individual steps. At nineteen, I applied for a small business license and with great celebration received it a few days later in the mail for a tailoring and custom sewing business, Andra's Finds.

You're now welcome to take a peek at what goes through a tailor's head! What we look at in the fashion world. Some health and beauty tips for ladies that we love. Maybe even a few tips on how to find your own tailor (as well as why you need one)!

Come and see what I've found!