Sunday, April 9, 2017

New Makeup Finds

Hello Ladies!

Today I wanted to dedicate a post to something I normally avoid whole-heartedly: makeup!

Now, in no way do I even pretend to be a professional at makeup. It's still a constant learning process for me; trial and error really. There have been plenty of days where I put on something and have to pull out the makeup remover as I couldn't stand the product or look I was working with. So from my various tries, let me share some of my favorite products! 

One of the first things I'd love to share, is what kind of lipstick I use. In the past I've always stuck with what I know, but one day I decided to branch out. So after asking for a little help, I ran across this amazing liquid lipstick by Anastasia: Beverly Hills. 


I can wear it all day and it still be shining bright for dinner in the evening! I've always been disgusted by someone's lipstick coming off on their cups or silverware. With Anastasia's liquid lipstick, I don't have to worry about those ugly lipstick lines! It sticks nicely to my lips with minimal smearing, even with their bright, American Doll shade (my favorite as seen above). It's a little more than I'm normally willing to spend on lipstick, but it's well worth it!

My next major find in terms of makeup has to do with eye shadow. If you remember back to the days I used to do outfit posts (like this one), my eyelids aren't exactly out there for the world to see, so I'm not a huge fan of trying to do all kinds of crazy shadows or liners. No one ever gets the chance to notice! So I'm normally extremely conservative for eye makeup... that is, until a friend introduced me to the Urban Decay: Naked palettes. 


After browsing Pinterest for various looks that would work with my eye color and shape, I settled on the Naked2 palatte. All of their Naked palates are absolutely gorgeous (especially for more natural looks) and I would honestly recommend any of them. This is simply the one I settled on for myself. There are literally dozens of tutorials all over the internet for these palates. Here's an example of one for the Naked2 palatte that I use:


Those are the two recent major additions to my makeup collection. I absolutely adore lipsticks so I'm completely over the moon for my new lipsticks! I still use a mix of activated charcoal and water for eyeliner as I've found it's the easiest for me to apply and it helps keep me from getting cysts.
I'm still on the lookout for some complimentary blush colors for me to use as well a stellar foundation; although my skin tone varies significantly based on how often I get out into the sun! It's still a hunt! 
So far though, I'll share with you two of the products I've considering investing in but haven't yet:

I literally know four people that sell Mary Kay makeup so it often feels like I'm constantly having facials from one consultant or another. Often I'll buy a new eye shadow color (at least until I bought the Urban Decay palatte. I recently though ran into two amazing products!

The first is Mary Kay's Oil Mattifier 
I have oily skin constantly and all I have to do is dab a tiny bit of this stuff wherever I look a little oily and it disappears! It's a lifesaver on long days!

This mascara is literally AMAZING. It fills out even the thinnest lashes and makes any eyes pop! I absolutely love this mascara more than any other I've ever tried! Seriously, if you have a Mary Kay consultant close by, ask them to let you try their best mascara! You won't regret it!

Any makeup products you have tried lately or would like to try?

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