Sunday, February 12, 2017

Redoing the Closet!

Working in the same space you both live and sleep in is not easy.
Every time a client comes in for an appointment I have to stumble around the masses of fabric, sewing supplies and my own wardrobe to tiddy-up and make my living space appear like a spacious studio suitable for a budding tailor. 
It's not easy... let me tell you.

This is it! So believe me when I say I know how to make the most of a small space!
So of all people, I know the struggle every girl has with her closet...  
What do I keep?
How much is going to fit in the closet?
What can I actually fit into?
How do I keep my shoes from getting scratched? 
Is there a way to keep my sweaters from stretching that doesn't involve developing semi-permanent wrinkles?

So It's getting to the end of winter! It's time to take a look, once again, at your closet and reevaluate what stays and what goes as well as developing a better way to properly store more delicate items of clothing. 

Before you do, I want to take a moment to share an AMAZING article about redoing your closet!

Check out "Read This Before You Redo Your Bedroom Closet" from the awesome home improvement website

They cover everything from practical storage to crafting your own personal spin on some phenomenal designs. (They even tackle closets with a slanted wall!)

So click on over! I promise you will not be disappointed!

@ndr@ K.