Sunday, January 29, 2017

Monogramming: As Southen as Sweet Tea

Hello Ladies!

Today I have a Southern theme going, since I'm deeply routed in the South!

A huge trend down here is to get anything monogrammed!


With my part time job working at a monogram shop in my home town, (Check it out here!) you could say I'm in the thick of the monogramming trend. If you ever spend any time around me, you know I'm not a cutesy kind of woman. As I've grown older, I've branched out into a more business-everyday style. Jeans, blazers, and heels that click, that pretty much describes me inside and out!


After working at the Monogram Market for several months now, I feel like I've seen almost any and every monogram out there. Among all those monograms, I've actually started to fall in love with a few monogrammed things.

My favorite monogrammed clothing item would have to be:

Source: Pinterest
 Rain jackets! 
Rain jackets are a great way to show off a little personality on dreary days! Even if you are wearing a black suit to work, a pink rain jacket can be a fun and easy way to add some personality without messing with the cohesive look for your 9 am meeting! I have a bright green one myself (with a silver monogram)
If you are in need of a new rain jacket find a cute one Here!

Another great place for a monogram (even if you don't adore monograms) is on a purse. While some go big or go home, I prefer a dainty, simple monogram for a dignified business look.

Find some purses to monogram here!
There are billions of choices when it comes to monogramming, starting with your initials! While you can go for a traditional three letter monogram, there's also a single letter monogram, two letter, stacked and so much more!

Next pick out your fonts! Some people go for more simple ones (like the bags) while others prefer something with a bit more of a feminine, interlocking feel (like the rain jacket).

After you finally settle on initials and fonts you get to decide where you would like to put your monogram, i.e. the middle of the bag, on the hood of the jacket.

Add up all the variables and the possibilities are endless!

So grab yourself an iced tea, sweet of course, and mosey on over to your closet to Southern-ise your closet!

Do you have a favorite monogrammed piece?

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